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Sunny Days

Sunny Day
Rainbows and Butterflies
warm summer days and clear blue skies.
Laughter sailing in the wind
children's eyes and heart felt grins.

God's Green Thumb

Plants and trees jump from seed to seed, on this Earth so Grand.

I’d like to thank the one who held the first seeds in their hand.


I write from my heart and from my mind.

The philosopher in me makes the verses combine.

In every verse there’s a message from me.

Nature's Love

Even in the fiercest battles,

the butterflies and bees still kiss the flowers.
Stanley Victor Paskavich



Should I be an Atheist, an Agnostic, or a believer today?

There’s so many choices in this world which I stay.

Is there a true path that will lead me to forever on?


    From the finest fennel, to the largest beefsteak,
Mother earth's nourishment is no mistake.
The soil turns over, riverbanks rise and fall,

The Right War

    The war machine
The war machine
 Oiled by the blood of man
The war machine
The war machine
Consuming every flag it can


    The center of the stone is softer than the shell,
it's been shielded from the world and the energy that's fell.
The stone will always be, although it may become sand,


    Every day we look at things large and small short and tall,
which of these things speak most of all.
Planets and galaxies, universes and atoms,

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