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The Well of Serenity

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I hear no voices within my head.

They’re soft whispers with words of dread.

So soft, so soft, the whispers sound,

with the kindest serenity I have found.

But I refuse, I refuse, to let them say

things that could take me away.

I’m all I have. I’m all that’s dear.

I have my friends. I have no fear.

The whispers beckon me to end this life.

They say with a gun or the edge of a knife.

They tempt and confuse my mind at times,

with serene whispers sweet as wine.

They try to drunken me with words hope,

Depression and the Demon

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Beating the Brown Bottles

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Beating the Brown Bottles Keep that brown bottle away from me, the barley and hops don't come for free. It's messed with my liver, my job, and my life, and left me living in a world full of strife. Yes I'm an alcoholic I proudly can say, now that I know this I live the right way. Life's so simple when you live one day at a time, and it's not consumed by Beer, Whiskey, or Wine. Keep that brown bottle away from me, the barley and hops don't come for free. It's been a long journey to get where I'm at, that first steps the hardest when you take off your hat.

Rock Bottom and the Grim Reaper

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Rock Bottom

Reaper man, Reaper man, come knock at my door.

I can’t take the pains of this life any more.

I’ve fought so many battles and won not a one.

I don’t even know where my next meal will come from.

I haven’t had a job since I don’t know when.

The stray dog that comes by is my only friend.

The rent’s overdue. My wife and kids have left me.

Oh, Reaper man, I beg you, please come set me free.

If I had something left to sell that had any value

I’d buy me a bottle and drink ‘til it’s through.

Black Friday and the Spirit of Giving

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A new twist to an old prayer

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Now I lay me down to sleep upon my pillow fluffed up so deep my dreams will take me far away to the land all children play and when I wake with that first yawn shortly after the new dawn I'll try and have the best day I can until I return to my dreamland... Stanley Victor Paskavich

The Quest to do Marvelous Things

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PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder)

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PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I'm not in charge of my own emotions,

my mind's consumed by terrible notions.

Love and laughter, hurt and pain, each of these drives me insane.

I've talked to doctor after doctor Taken Pill after pill,

yet none of this makes my mind tranquil.

Each and every breath I take, I pray for this curse to break.

My torment came from my own volition,

leaving me in this terrible condition.

I could have simply said I won't go.

I could have told the recruiter Hell NO!

Blue Steel (Fighting PTSD)

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A poem called the code

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The Code

The secrets are in you,

in all that you do.

There are no treasures to find

that aren’t in your mind.

Look deep in a mirror.

Find your friend without fear.

Accept your power others don’t see.

Become one with yourself, be truly free.

Use your ego to guide your course.

Destroy your ego and it will be worse.

Master your doubt, and control your fear.

Honor your loved ones with words sweet and dear.

You started Dying with your first breath.


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