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There she floats in infinite bliss,

swirling with energy many miss.

Her body’s perfection, her Heart’s her rule.

She loves all humanity, even the cruel.


I have walked many lonely roads,

past, present, and future,

while not walking at all…

And ended up right where I am,

right where I never left.



I met a wonderful young man one day.

He was in a wheelchair from what

Cerebral Palsy had taken away.

His speech was slurred yet so hard he tried.



Should I be an Atheist, an Agnostic, or a believer today?

There’s so many choices in this world which I stay.

Is there a true path that will lead me to forever on?




Handed down from elders, to father, then son,

is the beautiful revelations they call wisdom.

One cannot learn it from teachings in school.


Death's Sweet Kiss

Death’s Sweet Kiss

The darkness is coming as light slips away.

I grow nearer to death on every day.

I have no fear of this imminent end.

The Bond

The Bond

Back to back we stand with Infinity ahead,

armed with the knowledge from books we've read.

Stanley Victor Paskavich/

Simple Things

    If I could have two things before my death,
it would be the taste of your kiss and the feel of your breath.
These simple things mean so to me,


   I'm an infinite energy with so little time,
as I experience things with this body of mine.
Tastes of this and touches of that,
visions of things and words said in chat.


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