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May Day


May all awake to blissful peace rapping at their door.

May God grant you everything that you wish and more.

May your Earthly neighbors find Heavenly delight.



In future Heavenly astral flight,

we will drift in somber delight.

When we leave these bonds of clay.

In infinite energies we will stay.

The Right War

    The war machine
The war machine
 Oiled by the blood of man
The war machine
The war machine
Consuming every flag it can


    The bees work so hard to bring honey to the queen,
 in their travels there is a beauty that seems more serene.
It's not the honey in the hive that holds all of the grace,


    From Ocean to Ocean or sea to sea,
America's known as the country that's free.
But freedom always comes with a price to pay,
lets bow our heads on this Independence Day.

A Cheer To End The Tears

Do two nice things every day,
one for yourself and give the other away.
How long will it take this process to be
a fulfilling gesture for humanity?

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