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Trying something new (Childrens poems)

I wrote a couple children poems tonight.

Look for (The Magical Lake)


(The Lesson for Tommy Teaser)

A thought for the New Year

When it comes to people sharing things that they like it stops with them if their not interested. No one ever takes time to share things with their friends that are into what they are not.
Here's a perfect example: If you're an Atheist and you have a friend that's a Christian would you share something written about God they might enjoy even though you don't believe in one your self?
What an interesting world it could be if we shared things without prejudice...
Stanley Victor Paskavich

I wonder how much say we have?

Lets see if we can have a different holiday or tradition day created. Lets see if they'll put on the calenders "Buy a friend a lottery ticket day"

Just an idea but could you imagine the joy if they win something!

I Hate Traditions

Okay my birthday is the 19th. I got some birthday cards in the mail. But I was just thinking an average Birthday card/Christmas Card or basically any card will cost you an average of about 2-4 dollars. So I thought why send a shiny piece of paper from a multimillion dollar business for something shiny with a cute saying. Why not spend 2-4 or even 10 dollars on lottery tickets scratch off or drawings and give a relative a possible gift of up to millions of dollars.

Share my things please

Please if you find anything you like on here please share it. If you believe my agenda is to make lots of money because of my books on here that's not it.

Most of my poetry from my books is on her to read for free.

All I'm trying to do is become recognized before I die as a writer.'

From either my mental illness or old age...

For some interesting and humorous designs of mine

Follow this link and be warned some are very funny!


About my site

Anything you find on here that you like feel free to share it any where you like any place you like and with anyone you wish...


I'll be adding new poems

This week I'll be adding more poems over 160 new ones...


Thoughts for today

Hmm God works in miserable ways, seek and ye shall get fucked, believe and you're a fool, good things come to people that don't deserve it, life's a bowl of after thoughts,
hind sight always bites you where it hurts most, what can go wrong will always go wrong, only help those that aren't in need, a case of beer and an idiot make strange bedfellows, only laugh when you're signing the life insurance check, dumb ass is as dumb ass does. Delete all words from your vocabulary that start with L and replace that word with one that begins with $...


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