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From our Atoms and Beyond

As we know were all comprised of energy atoms and such, when we die those atoms don't die they move on to become part of other things. If one of those things is the incarnation of a new life as in a child. My question is if atoms can retain memory and they end up in a new human body, could the mind access that memory and cause the occurrence many call De Javu?
Or even past life experiences?

If you agree say why you agree, the same if you disagree please.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

I have a friend in the UK that has a Bipolar facebook page

Here's a link to an article about my friend Sharon in the UK. She's an awesome person she like I deal with the Demons of a Bipolar disorder. Here's a recent article written about her.


Thank you Sharon for being a friend and all the effort you do for the Bipolar people of the world...


Up Early

I'm adding more images for my site. Click images and have a look, if you find something you like please hit the share button on the left side bar...


New poem today

 Metamorphosis I just wrote it a few minutes ago...


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If you find something you like or dislike here please use the buttons. For like and dislike to let me know how you feel...


By The Way

If you notice I don't have a © symbol on any of my work. That's because I want you to share it. Just please attach my name as the source.

Thanks Stan...

A Thought

I’m sitting here wondering,
wondering about that place where dreams can be born.
But I’m not wondering about dreams or inventions I’m wondering about human feelings and emotions.
You know the things that make you want to buy someone a boquet of flowers or take something and kill them.
What’s the root? The heart? The mind? The feeling we have in our gut, or just an internal instinct to survive?
Are emotions innate or learned, or perhaps even programmed?
Much of mankind has the internal feeling to be subservient.

About my site

Hello my site is relatively new. If you stop by and find something you like suggest it to a few friends. If you find something you don't like tell everyone you know...


Not anything new to really say. I have started adding new poems on here I have about 150 to add. Today my knees hurt so bad I can barely walk. When I was a a kid and my parents would say how there joints ached from the weather I didn't believe them. Well I do now. Oh just a suggestion but some of my friends are giving my books to there kids for graduation presents...

Take care



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