If you need emergency assistance in the United States, call Suicide Prevention at (800) 273-8255 or the Veterans Crisis Line at (855) 238-5745. Otherwise call 911 or your local emergency number.

For my personal views dealing with suicide which I have called SE (Self Execution) please read and share my book if you believe it can help others. Download The Survivor's Guide to Self Execution right now!

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I was nineteen and she was my first date.

I said, “I have orders to Iraq,” and she said she’d wait.

It wasn’t real long before I saw the sand,


Is there a dark side and a light side or personal choices of fate?

Is there a path after your life ends or just a headstone with a date?


Without the down, without the satin,

without the clown, and without the latin.

Life is love and pain is true.

Sleepless nights without do.

Free Spirit

I felt like walking on a sleepless night,

under dark skies with bright moonlight.

Above in the air flew a White Snow Owl,

sending the screech of it’s mating call.


There she floats in infinite bliss,

swirling with energy many miss.

Her body’s perfection, her Heart’s her rule.

She loves all humanity, even the cruel.

A Fresh Breath

I can write long poems

that may bore you to death.

Or, I can write short poems,

that might take your breath.

But, the most important poem

any poet will do,


So many words I write, and so quickly they come.

Am I writing from guidance or writing for fun?

Do I trace on the paper things I’ve written before?

God's Green Thumb

Plants and trees jump from seed to seed, on this Earth so Grand.

I’d like to thank the one who held the first seeds in their hand.

God's Harvest

I looked out my window and saw the moon floating in space.

You know, it’s not like some people. It only has one face.

It will shine it’s light on you to guide you in the night.

Golden Waves

‘Tis day, I dare not close my eyes,

as not to miss one beautiful moment in this Lovely World.

But, alas my eyes have tired

and I must slip past the Golden Waves of Eve.


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