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There’s nowhere to go.

There’s nowhere to come.

There’s nowhere to hide

and nowhere to run.

Trapped within humanity

on this planet called Earth.

Spiritual Hands

When man takes beckoning hands apart from praying

and shares spiritual love by holding hands with another,

would they feel things the Bibles aren’t saying?

She Gave It Her All

    Oprah's generosity shows the world how to see,
that a persons giving can set us all free.
She's helped thousands, and thousands of people over the years.


    Are we really as advanced as it seems?
Or are our advancements nothing but dreams?
Do we really just live here and die,
and all of our lives we're consumed by "Why?"

The Human Breed

Many years back when the whips did crack
and the poor slaves broke their back
There was always one or two white men with a whip,

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