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Good Tidings

"Good Tidings"

Hello to all my return readers and new people that come across my site.

I'm all about saving lives if you read my free download you'll see that.

But recently I decided to use my brain bucket for humor.

If you go to the link below I have been creating some things people will like the last few days were marijuana jokes.

The designs can be put on a multitude of products I only show case a few so you're not looking at hundreds of images of the same product if you have trouble call zazzle the wait times long sometimes but they have a great customer service team that will be more happy to help you get your product on what ever you want if you can't understand how to do it yourself.

Seriously I'm having a blast myself thinking these up hope you find something special you enjoy. I'm planning to take the royalties I make and take care of some of my problems and donate what I can to a homeless veteran group ran by a friend.

Here's the link enjoy!


I know you probably don't smoke weed but you might want to show a friend lol

Any way many blessings and have a great Christmas and New Year!



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