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I Believe in God Not Buildings

A simple request for my fellow man and the home they’re in,

as they sleep at night in blessed rest so far from sin:

I pray they wake every morning to the sound of peace knocking at their door.

May their friends and loved ones be safe and have all they need and more.

There is too much famine in this world that’s consumed by greed.

I hope we learn to share the wealth and make use of plants and seeds.

It would be so easy for us in the world we are in

to feed our friends and neighbors.

This is how it could begin.

All of the giant churches that have riches and great power

will fall down like toy blocks when God strikes the hour.

How soon man forgets history repeats itself in time.

Remember the temples Jesus destroyed and didn’t leave a dime?

All the Gold and silver and money the churches hold

was given to them for God, or so that’s what we we’re told.

But, if you look at religions wealth from a business end,

they’re not saving money for protection from anything called sin.

Sadly, we donate like our loved ones did many years before.

Yet, they keep building churches to control and gather even more.

So, all of the stained glass windows and riches held within

will cause the final battle known as Armageddon.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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