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SE Self Execution

"SE Self Execution" Not as common place as suicide, or maybe not even politically correct or as glamorous as it is in the movies, books and TV Where it can be displayed in so many ways. There are so many causes that lead to taking ones life. But bottom line cut and dried getting down to brass tacks. The act it's self is "SE Self Execution" Go ahead put it to the test tell me analytically, logically, psychologically, re-actively, or any other way that taking your own life isn't "SE Self Execution" I've had several people say the name I'm using sounds bad. Good maybe it will open some peoples eyes to the true nature of suicide. For those of you who have lost family and friends to suicide I'm sorry for your loss. For those of you that have attempted suicide and lived I wish you many blessings. For everyone else I pray this topic doesn't take the life of some one you love as it has so many before.... Stan

(Seriously sounds like a terrible thing to do to yourself, it's suppose to.)


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