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Life's Game of Mystery

Will there be any homeless along the streets of gold?

I’ve read the Bible stories and I wonder what they hold?

So many people try to second guess God’s eternal mind.

I’ll just wait till I get to his realm and see what I do find.

I really have no desire to ever touch God’s hand.

He’s gives me daily blessings as I walk upon this land.

Jesus and the other prophets have inspired my life.

Their words influenced my world and prevented any strife.

I have no religion, I seek guidance from within.

I don’t have internal battles worrying about my Sin.

There will be a day when I walk the new path that is for me.

Then all of life’s mysteries I will plainly see.

Yet, when the answers are solved from this realm which I am in,

there will be more mysteries for me to start again.

You see, it’s often answers which will take you to new doors.

Just walk through the one you need as you leave the ones before.

Never look behind at the places you have been.

Just keep moving forward for new mysteries to be in.

As you seek and solve the mysteries that torment you on your way,

you’ll realize life isn’t a battle, but just a game we play.

At some point as you play you will hear this my friend,

a loud and distinctive voice say, “You wanna play again?”
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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