If you need emergency assistance in the United States, call Suicide Prevention at (800) 273-8255 or the Veterans Crisis Line at (855) 238-5745. Otherwise call 911 or your local emergency number.

For my personal views dealing with suicide which I have called SE (Self Execution) please read and share my book if you believe it can help others. Download The Survivor's Guide to Self Execution right now!

This is a specially formatted version of the Survivor's Guide for PDF readers so you can read it on almost any device. Check your app store for a free PDF reader.

It is also available in paperback at Amazon.com. Buy one for a friend (especially one without a computer or cell phone!).

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I thought I'd write a couple of lines tonight
about people who suffer and the battles they fight.
Some are right in their face others hidden in their mind

New Life

New Life
It's often hard to talk from your Heart
and you generally don't know where to start.
especially when it comes to trauma and pain

Inner Strength

Inner Strength
My psychological problems are severe
but I no longer let them cause me fear.
It took years of introspection and medication

Hello PTSD

Hello PTSD
Hey PTSD I'm talking to you
you're no longer in charge of what I think say or do.
You'll no longer take me to the brink of deaths door


Tons of people have so many preconceived notions
it stifles their lives and controls their emotions.
How do they realize this? How do they get free?

Peaceful Connection

Peaceful Connection
What's the strongest part of you
is it your Heart, Soul and Mind or the pains you've been through?
If pain has became your strongest connection

I Support PTSD Victims T shirt

Try the link it comes in a mens and a womens t-shirt along with a coffee mug.


The Cure

The Cure
PTSD, anxiety and depression are a constant battle in my brain.
It drains my energy everyday and fills me with pain.
The simple things in life become quite a chore

02 "SE Self Execution"

SE Self Execution
The scope and goal of every mental health origination
Is to give the mentally ill hope and improve their situation.


The pain we feel when suicide takes a friend or Loved one away
Makes us do an inventory of what we could have done to prevent this day.


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