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Should I be an Atheist, an Agnostic, or a believer today?

There’s so many choices in this world which I stay.

Is there a true path that will lead me to forever on?

Will my flesh and bones disappear and my life be gone?

I’ve had so many thoughts of Heaven and Hell

I’ve sat in the buildings and heard things preachers tell.

Each day of my life is a lesson to me.

I sometimes see things others don’t see.

Nature speaks to me with her beautiful song

from all the four seasons, some short and some long.

Everything is in balance from the earth to the sky,

from the largest oceans to the tears in my eyes.

I smell the fragrance of serenity’s bliss

as I watch the bees and the flowers they kiss.

I taste the juices from their labor of love

when I eat an apple from a tree up above.

These simple things mean much more to me

than seeking a path to infinity.

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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