If you need emergency assistance in the United States, call Suicide Prevention at (800) 273-8255 or the Veterans Crisis Line at (855) 238-5745. Otherwise call 911 or your local emergency number.

For my personal views dealing with suicide which I have called SE (Self Execution) please read and share my book if you believe it can help others. Download The Survivor's Guide to Self Execution right now!

This is a specially formatted version of the Survivor's Guide for PDF readers so you can read it on almost any device. Check your app store for a free PDF reader.

It is also available in paperback at Amazon.com. Buy one for a friend (especially one without a computer or cell phone!).

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    Apples grow on a tree, not on a vine,
were the roots of that tree cursed for all time?
Funny the way the story unfolds with it's grace,
about the origin of mankind's misbegotten place.
Temptation with the promise of knowledge was the scheme,
was it a part of man's history or just someone's dream?
Yet, dreams sometimes that have harmony or horror,
can lead us to salvation or generate the next war.
I believe one should be careful about what goes in their mind,
and carefully examine the thoughts they've designed.
 Dreams can be a future place one wishes to go,
but our reality can be a facade without an intrinsic glow.
Many walk on this planet without dreams of going anywhere,
and will end up on their death bed with a lonely blank stare.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

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