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Spiritual Hands

When man takes beckoning hands apart from praying

and shares spiritual love by holding hands with another,

would they feel things the Bibles aren’t saying?

Then, how much real love can mankind discover?

About spiritual bonding, and our own beliefs path,

which have infinite powers from singular design,

that could free us from the social club’s holy words of wrath,

programing guilt, fear and sin deep in man’s mind.

Spiritual hands reach out forever strong, yet, tender and free.

They’re not calloused from turning pages again and again.

They carry no books as a facade for humanity to see.

Their strengths from God, the universe, plus souls in the wind.

The answers men seek will all ring true in their heart.

Then these simple concepts all powerful and new

will make sense in our minds as a fresh spiritual start

and find Truth, Peace, and Tranquility in all they will do.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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