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Slaying the Dragon

Slaying the Dragon
When I walked in your clinic you didn't know my name,
you didn't feel my pain or know my shame.
But that didn't matter because of your perception of me.
My clothes were torn and I was dirty.
I took that hard step to walk into your rehab center.
The place that junkies almost never enter.
Because of my appearance you tossed me away,
I wasn't clean enough for your help that day.
The next day as the Dragon pierced my skin,
it went deeper in my veins than it had ever been.
Now because of the center who shunned me that day.
And the curse of the Dragon which takes so many away.
I've lost my life prematurely it's came to an end
the candles, spoons and needles are never your friends
There needs to be a better way or set of laws and plans
to cut down on the deaths through out all the lands,
and start Slaying the Dragon...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland
Disabled USAF Veteran

Written for a woman who lost her battle with heroin...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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