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Satan's Bride

Satan's Bride
She walked to the alter all dressed in black,
and knew when she said yes she wouldn't be back.
The high priest walked to her chanting a spell,
this human sacrifice soon would see Hell.
He held a silver goblet filled with blood of a goat
he put it to her lips and said now down your throat.
Her lips glistened a bright crimson red,
she knew in just moments she would be dead.
The on lookers chanted to Satan below,
the embers around the alter started to glow.
The high priest took the virgin and lay her in place,
and said what you do is for the underworlds race.
Our master grows weary and his time is near,
But he will reward you my lovely dear.
You will be Queen over the Demons and sinful dead,
this is the promise our master has said.
Lay back my angel and take a deep breath,
this dagger is sharp you won't feel your death.
The dagger was hoisted it shined in the night,
and then it was deep in her ribs out of sight.
She bled on the alter it dripped to the ground,
everyone was on their knees without a sound.
The embers turned to flames reaching high in the night,
this was the beginning of her unholy flight.
Out of the towering flames stepped Satan himself,
he said all my children I bring you much wealth.
He walked to the alter where the lifeless virgin did lay,
Smiling and saying what a glorious day,
he bent and kissed her to finish the spell
her lifeless body took a deep breath and started to yell.
"Satan my master I bind thee to you!"
"Satan my master I bind thee to you!"
"Satan my master I bind thee to you!"
"What's in your will for me to do?"
Satan smiled his teeth gleamed with delight
for he would consummate his Virgin this night.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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