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For Ruth And The Girls

    There was a girl I grew up with and we use to play,
she was a tough Tomboy named Winnie May.
We would wrestle and she'd always win,
sending me home crying now and again.
She has six sisters they all knew me and my four brothers,
There wasn't anything that came between both of our mothers.
Their mom delivered news papers in our small Glendridge town,
she was quite well known by every one all around.
She would help others if they were in need,
she wasn't afraid to do a good deed.
But let me tell you Ruth could stand her ground,
and wouldn't take any B.S. from the people in Town.
O'Brien was her husband, to me he was a man of few words,
but the ones he chose to use often needed to be heard.
Ruth's daughters, my brothers, and I were the best of friends.
But time grew and we made family's, then joined the four winds.
Her daughter Belinda and I graduated at the same time,
her locker in high school was just one away from mine.
She sold me a car when I was in the Air Force home on leave,
it's was the best one I've ever owned I truly believe.
I shipped it to Hawaii when I was stationed there,
it was joy riding around in that tropical air.
I couldn't bring it back with me when I had to go,
it's probably still running and being shown at car shows.
Today I saw a beautiful post on Facebook that Patricia did write,
it was about Winnie May and how the seven of the girls were always so tight.
Pat said:
"Winnie May had given her sisters an Eternity Journey Ring,
and how much she loved the thought of her doing such a nice thing".
Love to all of you thanks for you and your Mom and Dad,
for being such and important part of my life.
Stanley Victor Paskavich
Love Always

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