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Quest for the Key

In the beginning, the poets and philosophers taught early man

to see.

Now, it seems religions and science tend to blind humanity.

Yet, as most of the spiritual people know about the shift to


it’s all intrinsic energy that’s the source where power’s from.

Each one of us is a chapter in a book to tell.

I hope life treats you fine and you write your chapters well.

All the wisdom you can leave a daughter or a son,

can make them feel happy and experience more fun..

So, all my spiritual friends that have their own style of belief,

I must say believe what you believe and there won’t be any grief.

Love your friends and neighbors, share the powers of your


Humanity will be closer each and every day as the new books start.

There are many other books that came before you and I,

they are now forgotten lore sitting on a shelf up so high.

Some of the wisdom and the knowledge written by the blessed


have either been forgotten or buried under religion’s floor.

My spiritual friends, you’ll see one day the secrets that you find,

will simply be things you always knew within your heart, soul and


As I have said in several poems, I have written before,

“Secrets with answers revealed are keys to open a new door.”

When these doors open, new adventures begin.

Your quest for all the answers, as infinity, will never end.

I suggest enjoy your life and love every second till the end,

love this Earth and fellow man as an eternal friend.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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