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PTSD A Poem For The Lost

PTSD A Poem For The Lost
For all of those who served our land from the era's of each war.
To the ones that never made it back or those existing in horror.
I salute you from my heart for the sacrifices you endured
but I feel I should discuss the PTSD some incurred.
Twenty two Veterans take their lives each day it's a sad state of affairs.
So many of them just give up because it seems like no one cares.
In my case I had to swallow my pride and accept I had PTSD.
The VA and medication helped me with the pains inside of me.
Yes I am tagged as being mentally ill
but the pains in my own mind I no longer want to kill.
Veterans aren't the only ones who take their lives each day,
PTSD is a condition which takes so many loved ones away.
Everything I've said above I know millions of you hear.
Without any suggestions for the ones they know and love so dear.
Want to make a difference want to give to your fellow man.
Stop look and listen to those in pain it's such a simple plan.
I know there are so many who supported their loved ones each day
and even with all their effort PTSD still took their lives away.
I've met several people over the years that PTSD deaths left behind.
It ended up to be the same dark path they also tried to find.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com
February 11 2018

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