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Priceless Love

Death, death, I have no fear of death.

I’m more concerned with what’s after each breath.

Each one confuses and torments to my mind

often consuming me in this life without rhyme.

Death is a transition, an eternal gateway

to release us from pain or games humans play.

Mankind’s a virus consuming the Earth,

sucking her dry from things that have worth.

Things more valuable than oil, silver or gold.

Things worth more than biblical promises told.

Love is withering as man’s killing each other.

It’s fading away with no hope to recover.

War, terrorists, nuclear threats, we often hear,

love your fellow man is mute from man’s ear.

I believe it’s time we implemented a long term plan

to accept our differences and walk hand in hand.

Experiencing love from each other’s dreams,

ending life’s hardships, hungers and screams.

The only way a plan like this could ever come true,

it would have to start with people like me and like you.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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