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Perspectives of Fusion

    Are we just mimicking the things we've been taught,
or can there really be new lines of thought?
They say some people are smart as a fox,
but, we're all in the same educational box.
Seems man teaches the same things again and again,
and tries to discount the new thoughts that begin.
I will admit there have been lots of new things found,
usually after they've turned the theory around.
Do we count forwards or backwards my friend,
or could zero be the beginning and end.
All the theories and mathematical codes,
can't have all the answers the universe holds.
If we can ever travel to the edge of this universe,
will we want to venture on or put things in reverse?
Seems the unknown draws man like a moth to a flame,
and he is obsessed with giving things or places a name.
We make tools to measure what we see,
yet, they have no hold on reality.
We're vibrational codes of energy in perspectives of fusion.
Einstein is right "Reality is merely an illusion."
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

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