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Ode to Facebook

 Well as my friends list gets fatter and fatter,
I'm having to delve deeply into that gray matter.
I'm finding friends I haven't seen in decades,
reliving the good times and some of our charades.
People from my home town have been adding me,
Facebook seems like a great place to be.
The people that had the idea to create this great site,
gave friends and loved ones a place to reunite.
The games on this site look like a lot of fun,
but sorry to say I don't have the patience for one.
I'm kind of sporadic in the things that I do,
so I'll just post my poetry and quotes then show them to you.
If you like them that's great and it's fine if they make you irate.

Lately I'm trying to enjoy more of life's scene
so as far as chatting my time's a bit lean.
I hope all of you that are using this Awesome site,
enjoy it's richness that allows us to reunite.
May you all be blessed in everything that you do,
and keep finding your friends that have always loved you.
"I'm on Facebook as "Stanley Victor Paskavich" add me if you know me or would like to."

P.S I don't care who sees what I say hopefylly it will lead for a person to have a great day...

Stanley Victor Paskavich?Stantasyland

Stantasyland is life experience and my imagination, I was giving my oldest daugter my life philosophies when she was 14 and with a smile she said "Dad you live in Stantasyland."


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