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My Strength

   Here's a little story for you,
My father was in the Philippines in World War Two.
He said it was such a war-torn nation.
From the terrible Japanese occupation.
He fought to help the country be free,
and there was one thing he mentioned to me.
He said "the most beautiful women in the world were Filipino".
Now over sixty years later I'm here with one who makes my Heart Glow.
We clicked the first day we met.
It was on the Internet.
I called her three days later and over five hours we talked.
and each and every idea seemed like a walk we had walked.
When we hung up the phone I messaged her with an IM,
and asked her if she'd Marry Me and be my life time friend.
She Typed in bold letters YES, YES, YES, without hesitation.
I called her back on the phone for more conversation.
We spent seventeen months before I could get here,
but there wasn't a day that she didn't feel near.
I climbed in a plane and flew on a thirty hour trip,
but the thought of Mary Jane's Love made the time slip.
Oh yes Mary Jane is Heaven's delight,
with her loving heart and her eyes so bright.
She has the longest beautiful hair,
a Filipino trait known everywhere.
I've been here since October and we get closer each day,
it took her a little while to get used to the things that I say.
Were getting married in October 2012 here in the Philippines,
I know that our future life will be so serene.
I love you 'Baby' thanks for coming into my life,
and removing some of my loneliness, pain, and strife.
"Forever LOVE Stan"

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