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My Home Town (Glendridge Illinois)

Many of us grew up in this great town,
now its name is no longer around.
The coal miners who worked so long and so hard here,
probably now lay in their graves with eyes filled with tears.
Glendridge was a great place for us to grow up in,
there wasn't a place where you couldn't find a friend.
We all got on the bus and went to Sandoval school,
but we all felt that our town of Glendridge did rule.
Now the names been changed to Junction City,
there's something about that name that isn't as pretty.
The old miners from Glendridge were quite a brave lot,
when the mine blew in Centralia they were right on the spot.
My own father went down in that mine to save the men,
casting his own safety off to the wind.
Well the Glendridge mine is long gone and so is the town name,
but the name Junction city will never achieve Glendridge's fame.

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