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G.I. beans and G.I. gravy

I'm stuck in boot camp with my brother Davey.

We joined the Army out of commitment and pride

but then we found out how the recruiter lied.

He suckered both of us cause we're more or less common folk

and he was a silver tongued Devil with the words he spoke.

The promises of being chopper pilots turned out to be a lie

now we're a couple of grunts that will never fly.

Our drill instructor is an evil cuss

and from day one he honed in on us.

Persecution after persecution he sent our way

and never had one positive thing to say.

But we followed his orders in the light of day or the dark of the moon

For we new each day we were closer to leaving his platoon

And we'd be back home on leave quite soon.

After that it would be back to G.I. beans and G.I. gravy at our new duty station

and running every day in formation.

I wished me and ole Davey would have used more sense

when we signed our lives away for our countries defense.

But for now all we can do is fulfill our contract

But after it's over we won't be coming back...

Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

Disabled USAF Veteran


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