If you need emergency assistance in the United States, call Suicide Prevention at (800) 273-8255 or the Veterans Crisis Line at (855) 238-5745. Otherwise call 911 or your local emergency number.

For my personal views dealing with suicide which I have called SE (Self Execution) please read and share my book if you believe it can help others. Download The Survivor's Guide to Self Execution right now!

This is a specially formatted version of the Survivor's Guide for PDF readers so you can read it on almost any device. Check your app store for a free PDF reader.

It is also available in paperback at Amazon.com. Buy one for a friend (especially one without a computer or cell phone!).

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Modern Times

Modern Times
When's the last time you watched a Sunset?
And it's Beauty and Warmth dissolved your worries and fret?
When's the last time you went for a drive with no destination?
And just enjoyed the scenery of our Beautiful Nation...
When's the last time you had no political fear?
And on the news channels weren't smear after smear.
When's the last time you put Faith in God in the Heavens above?
And you felt Safe and Secure from his Power, Strength and Love.
I'm sure in some of these questions you've answered it's been a while.
It's because of the modern negativity that haunts our lifestyles...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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