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In the few times I have been to a church,

I’ve watched people in pews in an uncomfortable perch.

I found it peculiar many sat in the back.

I wondered if they thought the moderator would attack.

I would sit and listen to the sermon he read.

Yet, there were a few people that looked lifeless and dead.

Some of them slept and some looked so bored.

The moderator cleared his throat when some of them snored.

Maybe the reason they have you stand up and sing,

is to keep you awake for the message they bring?

Church doesn’t work for me, I’m sorry to say.

I talk to God as I do things each day.

I don’t need a moderator for God’s words to unlock.

I don’t like to feel like a sheep in a flock.

God is with me, his presence is closer than air.

I know that he loves me and that’s all I care.

There’s greatness in numbers this might be true.

Maybe if I went bowling with you?

God’s not looking for groups and one day you’ll find,

your true belief should be of singular design.

A personal connection with God’s word and his Love,

will guarantee your ascension to Heaven above.

Too many people have talked for God at me.

And many things they said weren’t in the Bible, you see?

I believe this may be where mankind gets confused,

when moderators say things not in the text they use.

What gets me most is when they say what God will and won’t do.

Is there any chapter that says this to you?

Now I will close my verse here, my friend.

It’s only my thoughts, it’s not to offend.

If I reach a God’s Heavenly Kingdom above,

I pray that you join me in all of his love.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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