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Missing Moments

    My Grand Daughter Kinzi came to visit today,
so I thought of a game we could play.
I gave her a trash can and a broom,
went through my house from room to room.
She's 3 years old and so very smart,
and when she smiles it melts your heart.
I told her I'd pay her when the house was fit as a fiddle,
and her father could buy her a lot of Skittles.
I really enjoyed cleaning with her because she's so small,
she picked up things I didn't have to bend over at all.
She used the dust mop and the broom,
and she loved playing with the vacuum.
Then we had popcorn and watched a movie on TV,
she is the sweetest thing you'll ever see.
But she has a temper at only three,
if she gets mad she'll sit for hours quietly.
I did things with her I never did with her dad,
and the thought of it made a little sad.
Then I thought how they always say grandparents are so kind,
and wondered why this is the notion we have in our mind.
Then the reason occurred to me,
 after your children are grown you normally see.
All the things you should have done,
when your children were also young.
But with jobs and bills and so little time,
those precious moments were so hard to find.
So now as a grandparent all I can do,
is to love my children and their little ones too.
    (Love your children when their little they grow up so fast)

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