If you need emergency assistance in the United States, call Suicide Prevention at (800) 273-8255 or the Veterans Crisis Line at (855) 238-5745. Otherwise call 911 or your local emergency number.

For my personal views dealing with suicide which I have called SE (Self Execution) please read and share my book if you believe it can help others. Download The Survivor's Guide to Self Execution right now!

This is a specially formatted version of the Survivor's Guide for PDF readers so you can read it on almost any device. Check your app store for a free PDF reader.

It is also available in paperback at Amazon.com. Buy one for a friend (especially one without a computer or cell phone!).

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May Day


May all awake to blissful peace rapping at their door.

May God grant you everything that you wish and more.

May your Earthly neighbors find Heavenly delight.

May mankind live together and not have to fight.

May nature always grow to its fullest in the sun and the rain.

May its beauty always be radiant and its gift of food sustain.

May the souls of man ascend far above belief.

May God’s children walk as one with little grief.

May Biblical quests of man suit the searcher well.

May the freedom of one’s spirit avoid the gates of Hell.

May another man choose no Deity or form of a belief.

May he be respected for his personal choice without any grief.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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