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Magical Lake

Tammy and Toby lived on the opposite shores of a magical lake far away.

They would go to the water’s edge daily and watch each other play.

Each of their parents on each side of the lake

had told them, “Going in the water is a terrible mistake.”

They each would fly kites and watch them sail in the wind.

They'd feed the wild Geese bread with a big grin.

They would build sand castles at times with towers big and round

then have so much fun knocking them down.

They would have to go in for lunch eat a lovely meal and have a pop.

When they finished they’d take the empty bottle and put secret messages in the top,

then find an old cork and push it in so the water of the lake wouldn't get in, not even one drop.

Then when they were told that they could go play

they'd toss each of their bottles in and watch them drift away.

They'd play again then until the sun began to set each day at the edge of the shore,

then would have their dinner and go to sleep after and dream of playing more.

One day Toby's father bought a boat with only one oar,

With big bright eyes Toby said, “Can we go to that shore?”

His father knew how Toby and Tammy were distant friends.

He said to Toby, “Put on a life vest and we'll sail like the winds.”

As they were slowly paddling across the huge lake,

his heart was pounding so hard he thought it would break.

Tammy seen them coming and started to jump with joy.

Today she would meet her cute, little boy.

The closer they got Toby saw Tammy quite well.

She had freckles and red hair up in piggy tails.

To Tammy and Toby the lake had always seemed so deep and wide.

It actually didn't take Toby long to reach the other side.

His father landed the boat and Toby jumped out with a grin.

He'd made it to the shore of his long awaited friend.

When he met Tammy for the very first time that day.

They shared their secret messages that didn't drift away...
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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