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Lover in the Night

      You can draw your curtains and lock your doors and windows tight,
yet, my lovely maiden I'll still steal your heart tonight.
I'll come through your subconscious and love you like none before,
and the vision of my face will be the one that you adore.
I'll whisper sweet words into your mind as you're asleep,
and when you hear my voice it will move your passion deep.
Oh yes my lovely maiden you're forever on my mind,
and now I'll mesmerize you into the love that we will find.
I've watched you from afar and seen so much in you,
we could live happily together in all the things that we can do.
 I won't take you unwilling I'll give you the freedom of this,
but, if we don't become one your love I'll forever miss.
I've thanked God over and over for you're an Angel on the Earth,
there's no treasures I could find that could rival all your worth.
When the morn does come and the Sun is piercing through,
I'll honor your decision no matter what you do.
If you seek my love I'll be nearby to find,
and if you choose not you'll be forever on my mind.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/Stantasyland

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