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Lonely Stanley

Stanley was a lonely kid who sat in the corner all alone.
As all the other kids laughed and played he wished he was at home.
Every day when he got dressed for school he'd give his mom a fuss.
He often said drive me to school I hate the big school bus.
His mother would say "Stanley you know your father has the only car."
Please ride the bus with the other kids it's really not that far.
Then Stanley said "when I get home can I have a treat?"
His mother said "yes" as he went out the door looking at his feet.
He stood in front of his house each day with a sorry face.
As the bus would grow near he'd began to pace.
Each day the bus would stop with squeaky breaks next to him.
The driver would swing open the door and say "Stanley please get in."
He would get on the bus and sit all alone,
and all along the trip he wished he was back home.
When he got to the school he'd get off the bus and walk slowly to the door.
When he got inside sometimes as he sat at his desk he'd fall asleep and snore.
The teacher would wake him gently and say "Stanley please stay awake."
When he first awoke he would begin to shake.
The teacher was greatly concerned with Stanley's life at school.
 She knew she had to find a way to make Stanley think it's cool.
When it came time for recess one day and Stanley sat in the corner all alone.
She had all the other kids sit with him and School became his home...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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