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The Lesson for Little Tommy Teaser

Little Tommy Teaser was was a handful at school.
He'd torment all the other kids and break the Golden Rule.
Nothing made him happier than to hurt the other kids,
he could do this by teasing or raising his red eye lids.
He could put on a angry face that would make a mean dog run.
He'd always be in the office for ruining other kids fun.
Sharing was a thing Tommy Teaser wouldn't do.
In a game of baseball he'd steal the ball from you.
Yes Tommy Teaser was known all over the play ground.
He would pull the hair of any girl around.
Teacher after teacher tried to calm Tommy Teaser down.
They told his parents he was the worst kid they had ever found.
His parents said "yes we know he's a handful at home too."
Together they all said "what are we to do?"
They gave him detention after detention and suspended him from school.
But when Tommy Teaser came back he still broke rule after rule.
Then one day there was a new family with a child that moved into town.
Their son Stanley took his pet snake to school and chased Tommy Teaser all around.
All the other kids laughed at Tommy Teaser when he ran that day.
Stanley and his tiny pet snake had taken his power away!
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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