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It's Insane to be Mundane

I have people who tell me how to create my reality,
and try to tell me what YouTube's I need to see.
They try to tell me what walk to walk,
and even try to tell me how I should talk.
They tell me about their life and all of their woe,
and what direction they believe I shouldn't go.
But if they only knew the life and the path's I've walked,
they'd realize there's no reason they need to talk.
 It's so fun to see some of these so-called enlightened "helpful" people.
Maybe most of their thoughts would be best fit for the "normal" sheeple.
At least they might listen to what you have to say.
Maybe your mundane thoughts might brighten their day.
Yeah, chatting on the net can be quite the adventure,
but as far as my life, I prefer to have my own venture.
So if you see me and care to chat,
don't say "do this" and don't say "do that".
Talk about happy things in life which raise our vibrations,
and inject Peace and Harmony into of our conversations.

Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland

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