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Hell Within

Hell Within
Sun Burns during the day icicles at night
the desert is a terrible place to be in a fight.
Weapons jamming from all the sand
which once was the bottom floor of an ocean so grand.
How many soldiers will live? How many will die?
With their bravery and courage facing fear eye to eye.
At times fear can be a soldiers best friend
not allowing bad judgement causing their life to end.
I salute you my comrades both living and dead,
may all of you be blessed from the oath you said.
Let's take a moment of silence for all who have paid the ultimate cost.
The brave men and women who served and their lives have been lost.
I'd also like to mention those trapped in the war within.
And the curse of PTSD and the Hell they live in.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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