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God's Janitor (A True Story)

One day I really felt something new in my mind.

It seemed like a divine message, so I went to find

a man of God. I searched for as I walked under the steeple.

It was closed on this Wednesday. There weren't any people.

I looked from room to room to find the one to see.

I knew this man of God could answer the message sent to me.

The building was huge and I felt lost

as I searched for someone to help.

Then behind the closed doors of the chapel

I heard a sound of wealth.

Behind the chapel doors an old balding man

with glasses I did find.

I said, “Hello,” and started talking

about the concepts in my mind.

He would look at me and start to talk,

but then he would just grin.

When I finished he looked at me and this is what he said,

“I’m just the janitor. Tomorrow the minister will be in.”

He had a smile on his face as I turned and walked away.

It seemed so funny to me at the time,

yet I hear those words today.

So, if you hear words in your mind from

“God” don’t go search of a preacher.

Just close your eyes and hear his message.

There’s no better teacher.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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