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God's Harvest

I looked out my window and saw the moon floating in space.

You know, it’s not like some people. It only has one face.

It will shine it’s light on you to guide you in the night.

And when the sun does come up, it’ll slip out of sight.

They say the moon controls the tides that ebb away the shore.

It takes the rocks away and puts sand on the ocean floor.

Some farmers plant by the Almanac

that tells about the stars and moon.

It shows them in which zodiac sign to plant

so they don’t plant too soon.

My father used the Farmer’s Almanac, it was his bible to the Earth.

He said, “These seeds are expensive,

I want them to grow their worth.”

I tended Dad’s garden until the day he died.

I went to his funeral and still wish I had cried.

There will be the Season when my Soul becomes right.

Then God will harvest me to the Heavenly lights.

I’ll be with my Loving Father who taught me so well,

and I’ll Praise the Lord who saved me from the perils of Hell.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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