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First Casting of New Love

I have a question for you my friend:

where did the origin of the crucifix begin?

I know nothing in the Bible does say,

make an icon of Jesus’ death and the cross that he lay.

This is a question that runs in my mind…

Couldn’t they have picked a more loving design?

I know that adults know what it stands for.

Yet, in the eyes of child how do you explain

this icon of death symbolizing Christ’s pain.

I know many say he died for our sin.

Yet, I believe it’s time for a new design to begin.

Maybe something simple as Christ with a sheep in his arms…

Could  more loving images cause any harm?

This is just a suggestion for humanity.

Ask a theologian if it could be.

Ask them why are some crucifixes cast out of silver and gold.

Doesn’t it go against the love of wealth like we’re all told.

I’m not a religious scholar, I’ll be the first one to say.

Yet, I believe Christ may not want things this way.

Ask them to define a graven image for me.

Could Christ on a cross be one you see?

If you’re offended by what I have said,

give me your opinion for what you have read.

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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