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Evolution of Belief

 Does everyone have the same taste of death
When their lungs collapse from their final breath?
Do they all have a similar Heaven to find
or is it a place of one's own design?
Will anyone living have the answers to know
or is a next realm an intrinsic glow?
Many doth pray and many protest
yet, there may not be even a test.
I seek not answers or have things to tell
that can define Heaven or explain a Hell.
There's nothing in me to truly see
that pertains to your chosen destiny.
Walk your own path and walk it well
believe in yourself not things others tell.
If you need strength along the way
live life to it's fullest each day by day.
Bring no harm to yourself or the others you meet,
remember there's a season for all hearts to beat.
If you believe in a God believe in Him well,
and those that don't have their own story to tell.
Everyone has their own intrinsic wealth,
invading one's space could hinder your health.
Walk with humanity beside each woman and man,
and try not to intrude on anyone's plan.
If we make our decisions and walk our own paths,
the world will be filled with less war and wrath's.

Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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