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Deja Vu's Curse

    Some don't believe in God some don't believe in Love,
some don't believe in powers from within or from above.
Many think you're dead when you're dead, and this is just the way,
I simply believe my own thoughts and respect what others say.
It took me a long time to find what I could not see at all,
and it was all the searching that was leading me to fall.
The inner battles that we feel within our hearts and mind,
will one day become harmonies and show the path to find.
For now I am occupying this warm and hollow shell,
yet, when it's gone I believe I'll have new things to tell.
If in my new reality that befalls me after this,
I pray it has harmony from diversified loving bliss.
For Just as one cannot pigeonhole God or the sensation of love,
neither can we understand what the future holds from the energies above.
Energy is timeless and ageless yet our bodies are simply not,
my only question that I have is will this consciousness be forgot?
For if your consciousness becomes an overflowing well,
how many drops of it will remain that can make your next life Hell?

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