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What do you think of Military intelligence,
and how it continues to show its irrelevance?
Well that's all good and fine
But I'm more amazed with a soldier's mind
it's keen witted and a bit twisted at times.
Like in combat the C.O. could have you doing a sweep to find causalities you've hit.
As the C.O. yells any survivors when you lift a head and say this one was banged up just a bit.
Or when you're bored and reading the jokes in a bathroom stall
you'll see flush it twice it's a long way to the chow hall.
And the cadence songs we sang as we ran along
were a far cry from a Biblical song.
It's said you never see an Atheist in a foxhole
praise the Lord and pass the ammunition becomes their new goal.
So if you're ever out on the town and meet a Soldier or a Veteran in a bar
Don't initiate a Battle of wit because you won't get very far...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com
Disabled USAF Veteran








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