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Combat and War

Combat and War
Believe it or not we're a product of everyone we've met and everyone we will meet.
From the experiences that range from fantastic to bitter sweet.
And if you went back and changed one moment in your reality.
There's a good chance you wouldn't end up where you are you see.
For me I could have not signed that enlistment form.
That ended up causing me this mental illness storm.
Yet if I had not signed on the line and swore the oath you see.
I wouldn't had the unique experiences that allowed the creations that come from me.
Yes behind my eyes lives my torment and pain
from what I have seen that splintered my brain.
I'll never be able to un-see all the horror and the gore.
That eats at a soldiers soul from the aftermaths of Combat and War.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland
Disabled USAF Veteran 06/13/2019

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