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Christmas Delight

Christmas Delight
Do you care or even see the mental illness that shows up in me?
Is it the way I dress that brings you satisfaction?
or how you digest my every move, words or action?
Seriously I don't really care at all
so pick a name for me and give it a call.
Like "He's that fat poet that always writes words that bring me down."
But if you looked at my intent there's
power and strength to be found.
Or "You know like he's the one that lives in the alley down the street
Who picks cans out of trash bins for something to eat."
Or "she's the one that does this or that
who curls up at night in a box with her loving cat."
Go ahead point those fingers at the mentally ill,
Go ahead and watch them fight for life in the cold winter chill.
For this time of year when sharing and giving is the rule of thumb,
Open your hearts to those who live homeless and numb.
Step outside your warm home with a tree lit up bright.
Then share with the less fortunate some Christmas delight...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com
Disabled USAF Veteran with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder



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