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Bobby's Fame

Bobby had a bat and glove he kept in his room at the end of hall.
They had been Christmas gifts which had never seen a ball.
He would watch a game with his dad on their big wide screen.
Secretly he'd wish he was a famous player in the baseball scene.
They would cheer each and every time their team made a run.
Oh how Bobby dreamed of hitting balls and having baseball fun.
They lived out in the country without many other kids around,
and baseball was a game that never could be found.
He had jerseys, pennants and banners hanging on his wall.
Deep inside his heart he knew baseball was his call.
He'd tuck on his glove smacking his hand hard in.
Pretending to catch a ball as the batter swung at the wind.
He would also take his bat outside and swing it with all his might.
Wishing for that hard ball to come and fill him with delight.
Then one day at school after his eigth birthday.
He saw a notice that said Baseball Team please sign up and play.
When he got on the bus that day his heart was filled with joy.
And when he got home he was such and excited boy.
Bursting out he yelled mom and dad there's a baseball team.
They saw the smile on his face and how his eyes did gleam.
His father said Bobby what is this all about my little man?
Bobby said there's a team at school and up the stairs he ran.
He came right back down with his glove and his baseball bat.
With a heart so proud wearing his favorite teams ball hat.
His father said tell me about this team will you practice every day?
Because you know I have to work I'd love to see you play.
His mother said I'd also love to go root you on.
I can be with you on the days that your fathers gone.
Bobby's mom and dad went with him every day they could.
They watched him practice with his glove and swing his mighty wood.
After a few weeks Bobby had his first ball game.
The first ball that he hit went over the fence and started Bobby's fame...
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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