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Attaining Intrinsicality

Attaining Intrinsicality
There's beliefs that think your last conscious thought,
will take you to the next reality that you've always sought.
They say a light burns the brightest before it burns out,
how loud can your last conscious thought really shout?
Can it take you to your next chosen reality,
and let all your dreams and wishes come free?
The answer to this we may never know,
but, I believe there's an intrinsic glow.
Actually there's no way to really find,
all of the things we create with our mind.
People every day search for a God outside themself,
when they accept it's all one energy they'll attain much more wealth.
Some look for their God with beckoning eyes,
and fail to feel Him in their hearts where He truly lies.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland

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