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Attaining Gods Love

My thoughts are intense my dreams are free,
after my death I know just where I'll be.
I exist happily within humanity,
with hidden thoughts many can't see.

All of these concepts free in my mind,
have evolved day by day one step at a time.
Some came from happiness some from pain,
some just appeared from within my brain.

Some people laugh at me some people cry,
a few of them say they wished I'd die.
It's funny so funny what others can't see,
when their controlled by theology.

They haven't free thought they wander like sheep,
when they can't understand me they say that I'm deep.
I've been accused of not believing in God above,
many often say that I'll never bask in his love.

Often I wonder what gives these people the ability,
to know I won't find the creators tranquility.
Way too often man talks for a God up above,
and totally forgets to have brotherly love.

Treat your friends and neighbors as you would God up above,
and you won't have any problems attaining his love.
TPT (Truth Peace Tranquility) Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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