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Energy and Life

I know the sientists are looking for the "Grand Unified Theory"

So is it going to be a math equation or something else?

Could everything be connected by energy?

What type of energy is it?

Is it atoms, molecules, or the electromagnetic fields?

Or even photons?

Lets think about us and our electromagnetic fields.

Each of us have our own electromagnetic fields and supposedly give off photons as I've heard.

Taking a Break

Sorry I haven't been posting anything new on here lately. I'm doing my visual thing. Yes it's Netflix and trust me I definately get my ten bucks a month worth. I've recently watched the new Psycho series. Having watched all the originals Norman Bates having a cell phone is kinda strange for me but I'm sure it fits in with the younger viewers. Breakin Bad was spectacular. I'm still waiting for a new version of Supernatural to come out. For humor check out The Movie 43 It's hard to believe that the big named actors actually were in it, but it was awesome.


I just finished taking shelter from a tornado warning. I came back here to my pc and sat and wondered a moment. What I thought about was what would I miss if a tornado swept my house and things away. Seriously many years back I gave away lots of things. Things like antiques that were my mothers and grandmothers. All I have now is a few DVD's and my pc. I learned that posessions can actually posess you long ago. I now live free, free from attachments.

A Blustery day

Freezing rain today. I've been working on my StumbleUpon account. Good thing for my pc, or I'd really get board...

A suggestion

I've been adding my poems to my site. My quotes are on it now with the like dislike option. If you're looking for something interesting to buy with your tax return, try my books. Just a suggestion but you'll have them long after you're new flat screen tv has bit the dust...


A New Turn

Well I've entered a new turn in my writing. I'm doing songs for a singer. She's awesome and only fifteen years old.

New things

Thanks to my webmaster Mr. Hales

This site now displays my quotes about life. We're still in the process of building this site.

So check back often. Mr. Hales and I have many things to add.


Life After Life and Energy

As it's said "God is closer than the air your breathe" which means he dwells within and it's all basically one self encompassing energy. Personally I believe more into an infinite source of energy that were all part of. Call it God, or any name you wish. But if all energy was created at the same time as they say the energy that animates our bodies is timeless and ageless. But consciousness of our minds deals more with personal experience.

My big thought of the day...

 If you can wrap your head around my quote, "Energy defines life, not flesh and blood. We are infinite energies experiencing infinity through a finite aperture." I should make you think. Which should lead you to if all energy was created at the same time as they say in science. Then actually all so called souls would be the same age. Currently each of us are a singularity in the universe. Never before has there been any one exactly like us and never in the future will there be. This life is a one time application. At least in the use of your current shell, or body.

I find this interesting

I've been googling my name and I've found a lot of sites that are sharing my quotes. I think it's awesome. Here's my own personal page on a site called Search Quotes. Have a look if you like quotes...



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