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A Thought

I’m sitting here wondering,
wondering about that place where dreams can be born.
But I’m not wondering about dreams or inventions I’m wondering about human feelings and emotions.
You know the things that make you want to buy someone a boquet of flowers or take something and kill them.
What’s the root? The heart? The mind? The feeling we have in our gut, or just an internal instinct to survive?
Are emotions innate or learned, or perhaps even programmed?
Much of mankind has the internal feeling to be subservient.
Subservient to what though I ask? A God? A religion? A Belief? Or a feeling that they must do as others do so as not to stand out.
And not to be classified as different or abnormal.
Abnormal to what I ask? Abnormal to society and the rules and guidelines that we have been programmed or are forced to observe.
I read some where once, that a person shouldn’t do good because God wants you to but to good because it’s the right thing to do.
But when it comes to good and bad there again comes a question. How do we tell the difference?
You may do something you believe is good that turns out terrible. Like buy your child their dream car for graduation that they end up getting killed in it the very first night they drove it.
Then we’re back to emotions aren’t we? And the battery of questions that we use to try to justify the event and our emotions.
Things like “It was Gods will” or “It was their fate” or “I wish I would of never bought that damn car” and on and on.
When it comes to emotions there is also some things that many may not have considered.
The most important things is even though we all have what we call emotions no one acts upon them exactly the same way.
I’ve always liked the expression “you made me cry” actually no one can make you cry they can give you a painful situation but the choice of crying was actually you and your bodies own choice. I know about now some of you are saying blah, blah, blah.
On that note I’ll leave you with something,
the next time you have an emotional outburst happy or sad take a second and ask yourself “Why am I reacting this way?”
Personally my emotions are triggered from my Bipolar condition which I admit causes me to have an abnormal thought process. It was caused by trauma which they say caused a chemical imbalance in my brain.
Many people have said “You don’t need those meds, personally I know that I do.”
In order for me to maintain what most people call normal.
But then again we’re back to a label I guess.
Mankind is really obsessed with trying to understand but are even more obsessed with naming and labeling.
I guess simply put when it comes to a so called normal mind that is firing correctly through the synapses, they cry because they choose to they laugh because they choose to.
But when it comes to those of us that have a mental health condition that affects our lives.
Hopefully some of the normal people can use their mind and show us that are in torment some compassion and understanding.
Stanley Victor Paskavich/stantasyland.com

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